Guernsey Friends of Biberach

Young Ambassadors get opportunity to represent Guernsey in Germany

A new initiative organised by the Guernsey Friends of Biberach will give a group of local students the opportunity to travel to Germany and become Young Ambassadors for the Island this year.

The ‘Guernsey Young Ambassadors’ scheme, which is being sponsored by Deutsche Bank, aims to further develop relations between Guernsey and the town of Biberach in south Germany, the location of an internment camp where a number of Islanders were sent during the Occupation.

As part of the initiative, a group of Guernsey students will spend a week in Biberach in autumn this year where they will visit a local secondary school, participate in activities with local young people and visit sites of interest, including the internment camp. They will also set up a ‘Guernsey stand’ in the town centre and promote Guernsey as a tourist destination to passers by.

The eight Young Ambassadors have beenchosen from students at schools across the Island, who were nominated by their teachers and subsequently interviewed by Chris Betley, Honorary German Consul, and Ken Wheeler, Guernsey Friends of Biberach and project leader. Those selected are George Russell (St Sampsons) and Amelia Falla (Grammar School) in Year 9, and William McVean (Grammar School), Rachel Datta (Ladies College), Peter Sandwith (Elizabeth College), George Collennette (La Mare de Carteret High), Amelia Brackley (La Mare de Carteret High) and Beth Gabriel (Les Beaucamps High) in Year 11.

In the build up to the trip, the Young Ambassadors will all participate in regular sessions to ensure they can communicate facts about Guernsey when in Biberach. On their return to Guernsey, they will also be asked to give a presentation ontheir experience to their schools and create a display to be placed in the reception area at sponsors Deutsche Bank.

The scheme is being officially launched at a reception on Tuesday 7th February in the Founders Room at St James starting at 5pm, when the successful students will be presented with Guernsey Young Ambassador certificates. Andreas Tautscher, Chief Country Officer forDeutsche Bank Channel Islands, and Chris Betley will say a few words, and Ken Wheeler will give an overview of the project.

Ken Wheeler said:

“The relationship between Guernsey and Biberach is a really important one. It is vital that we draw on the enthusiasm of young people in Guernsey to ensure that generations to come learn about and understand the deportation of Islanders during the Occupation, the links made with the people of Biberach at that time, and how that relationship has evolved. I’m really looking forward to getting our Young Ambassadors together and starting to prepare for the trip later this year.”

Andreas Tautscher added:

“To be involved in this project is a real privilege and particularly pertinent given the strong roots Deutsche Bank has in Germany and our presence in Guernsey. The Bank is a strong supporter of local cultural initiatives, and an awareness of the Island’s past is clearly a major part of its cultural identity. This scheme will give the Young Ambassadors a unique opportunity to represent Guernsey abroad whilst developing their communication and interpersonal skills.”


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