Guernsey Friends of Biberach

Newsletter, March 2009

Once again the AGM (23‘d April 2009) is nearly upon us and we would like to bring you up to date with what events have taken place in the past 12 months and what is in the pipeline.

Past Events:

2008 has been a very active year and probably more young people from Guernsey have visited Biberach in the summer of 2008 than ever before. About 80 youngsters from the Schools’ Music Service under the leadership of Christine Anthony took part in a number of concerts, not only in Biberach but also in Oberlingen and Meersburg. They were extremely well received there and I have heard comments like “outstanding”, “brilliant”, “unique” and” one of the highlights of the Schiitzenfest week”. We can be really proud of them.

A group of St John’s Cadets also spent a week in Biberach, having teamed up with the Red Cross Cadets there. They enjoyed their time in Biberach renewing old friendships. Two Guernsey youngsters took part in the intensive German language course that Biberach runs every year for young people from its partner towns. The Ladies’ College German teacher also used that opportunity to pay Biberach a visit. And the Elizabeth College Summer Orchestra Course is now a regular feature on the Biberach calendar.

Young people from Biberach also regularly spend time in Guernsey on work experience. At the moment we are trying to fmd placements for four people. Another memorable event has been the visit of the German Ambassador Mr Georg Boomgaarden from London on the occasion of the induction of Guernsey’s new Honorary German Consul Mr Chris Betley. At a luncheon held in his honour we learnt that both the German Ambassador and the German Consul are most impressed with the close links we have been able to build up with the Town of Biberach.

Future Events:

We have a number of events planned for 2009.

Visit of Musikverein Band From 29th of May to 3,d of June a band from the Biberach Musikverein will be in Guernsey and a number of concerts are planned. They will be performing together with the Bel Canto Choir on 31 st May at St James and on I st June in the Market Square. Make sure you check the Press for details of these concerts.

Visit of Thomas Fettback

The Bailiff has invited Mr Thomas Fettback and his family to come to Guernsey on a private visit from 10th to 14th June. This will give them the opportunity to get to know Guernsey a little better without having too many functions to attend. During their stay they will also be invited to attend the Queen’s Birthday celebration at Government House.

Guernsey Week in Biberach

The biggest event ever planned since the links of friendship with Biberach have been established will be the Guernsey Week which will be held in Biberach during the second half of October 2009. A varied programme is being put together by Biberach, comprising a series of talks, concerts, exhibitions, cookery demonstrations etc. etc.

A preliminary programme is attached to this newsletter. If you want to be part of this week, please get in touch with one of the Committee members as soon as possible. Everyone taking part will make their own travel arrangements, but accommodation can be found in families.


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