Guernsey Friends of Biberach

Newsletter, March 2004


Guernsey Friends of Biberach Association AGM Friday, April 23rd 2004 at 1200 at the Peninsula Hotel

It is rather a long time since we have been in touch with you. But we have actively been working on a number of projects since the official visit to Guernsey from Biberach for our Liberation Day festivities in May 2003.

For instance a girls’ choir and chamber orchestra will be visiting Biberach in July this year and take part in Biberach’s annual festival- the Schuetzenfest. The Bailiff and his wife will also be visiting Biberach at that time. The Biberach Friends of Guernsey who are now official members of the Biberach Twinning Association have also invited a group of “Friends” to Biberach from July 9th to 13th.

If you would like to go, please let us know as soon as possible. . We will be able to give you more details of our activities at the AGM which is to take place on Friday April 23Td at 1200 at the Peninsula Hotel.

The Deportees Association who celebrate their o,vn Liberation Day on that day are meeting at 1230 for I pm at the Peninsula Hotel for their annual St George’s Day Luncheon. You are very welcome to attend this luncheon following our AGM.  Details are included with this letter. Please telephone Betty Gibson direct on 720384 if you would like to attend the luncheon following our AGM. 


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