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German Course in Biberach, 05-11 July 2020

In Biberach this year (05 - 11 July 2020) there will be a German course for young people between 18–20 years of age. Perhaps you know someone who might be interested and who has already learned German for a few years, but who is keen to learn more?

Around the course there will be programs in the afternoons with other young people from our twin cities of France, Italy, Great Britain, Poland and Georgia. This will be a truly  international event.

For five young students from Guernsey, we are pleased to offer this opportunity, which includes hosted accommodation, meals, the course itself and the afternoon activities, all for free. They will need to manage and to pay their trips to Biberach and back home, and they will have to check their own passports and arrange health insurances. Some pocket money is necessary as well. All together, there will be about 20-30 young participating adults. The course will be 20 hours during that week and  will be given by two German teachers.

Maybe you know someone who might be interested in applying to join us? We would love to see some students from Guernsey participating.

Please download the flyer for full details


German Course in Biberach, 05-11 July 2020

5 July 2020 – 11 July 2020



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