Guernsey Friends of Biberach

2002 Archive

The St Martin’s Boys’ Choir from Biberach visits Guernsey and sings in St Sampson’s Church, the Town Church and St Joseph’s. They spend a week’s holiday camping in Herm.

60th anniversary of the beginning of the deportations.  An official party comprising the Bailiff Sir de Vic Carey and his wife, The Dean of Guernsey, the Very Reverend Marc Trickey and his wife, the former Deputy Bailiff Chris Day and his wife and the Chairman of the Guernsey Council of Churches Patricia Holland attended the dedication of a new memorial in Biberach in commemoration of those Guernsey people who died while interned.

The official party also visits the Police Training School, formerly Camp Lindele, where the Guernsey people were interned.

At the same time members of the GDA and the GFBA make a third trip to Biberach.

Reinhold Adler, History Teacher in Biberach, publishes his book on the history of Camp Lindele “Das was nicht nur Karneval im August”. For this he is to receive a prize for research into local history.

Representatives of the GCC, the GDA, Education, and other interested parties come together to form the Guernsey Friends of Biberach Association under the chairmanship of Chris Day.


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