Guernsey Friends of Biberach

Guernsey Newsletter, April 2017

Dear Friends,
It is that time of year again to update you on the activities of the Guernsey Friends of Biberach Association. As usual, our AGM will take place prior to the annual lunch that the Deportees’ Association organises at the Peninsula Hotel on the 23 April. 
The AGM will start at 12.00 noon and if you would like to stay for the lunch, please reserve your place with Tom Remfrey on Tel. 254185.

If you are interested in the Friends’ activities throughout the year, please look at our website which Chris Betley, the Honorary German Consul, always keeps updated:

May 2016 -  Visit of the Biberach Flute Choir

The Biberach Flute choir visited in May. The group stayed at Les Cotils and gave two wonderful performances, firstly at Candie Gardens on a warm & sunny Sunday afternoon and secondly at the Town Church. Whilst there was a fair crowd on Sunday at the free concert, the Sunday audience was unfortunately very small.

August Visit of Knabenchor from Biberach August 2016

From 5 to 6 of August 2016 the Biberach Boys’ Choir was in Guernsey and gave a concert in the Town Church prior to their camping holiday in Herm. A highlight of their trip was also a beach BBQ which was well received by all who attended.

2017 outlook

German Language Course in Biberach

Every year Biberach holds a one-week intensive German course for young people from its partner towns. The course is advertised for people over 18, but if the young people have their parents’ permission younger people such as GCSE students would also be welcome. This year’s course will be from 22 to 29 July. If you are interested, do look at the Guernsey – Biberach website for details or get in touch directly with the Town of Biberach’s Kulturamt: Their Secretary is Sabine Engelhardt: S.

September 2017 – 20 years of reconciliation

From 8 – 10 September, the Council of Churches is celebrating 20 years of reconciliation. The highlight of the celebrations will be a service with the following main features:

  • contribution by all choirs who had previously been to Biberach including a joint performance of the Schützenfestsong
  • preaches by both the Dean of the Biberach Lutheran Church and the Biberach Catholic Priest
  • Presentation of the gifts previously received from the Biberach Council of Churches as symbols for the reconciliation
  • Music at the service will include music by Biberach composer Knecht as the 200th anniversary of his death also coincides with the anniversary of reconciliation

There will also be a reading by Stephen Matthews from his recent book “The day the Nazis came”.


Intensive Youth German Language course, 22-29 July 2017

22 July 2017 – 29 July 2017



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